Aug 10

Commercial Construction in NC & Motivation

A lot of our commercial construction in NC is done close to our Lake Norman home, but often times we find ourselves far up or down the east coast. Being away from family and home can encourage a lack of motivation.

Motivation and productivity go hand in hand; when I feel energetic my work gets done faster and more efficiently. I’ve never been a big fan of energy drinks, but I can see why so many people drink them.

Friends and co-workers often ask me how can get motivated, there is a unique answer for that question depending on who you are. Everyone is unique and motivated in their own way:

  • Money has always been a huge motivator
  • Family is also a top motivator
  • Recognition is a motivator
  • Anger can be a motivator for some people

Whatever motivates you is what is important. Recognize and utilize the energy to be as productive as possible and you will always feel gratified at the end of the day.

Jack West

West Constructors

Aug 10

Government Construction Projects and Technology

A government construction project and technology work hand in hand. Without the Lazer Devices, GPS, and of course the PC, we could not work competitively in today’s competitive industry.

 As technology continues to move at a rapid pace, we struggle to stay close to the next cool device available. The issue with new technology is cost and most of the time the “Next Best Thing” is quite pricey and out of our budget.

 I am fortunate enough to have learned my lesson early and smart enough to avoid repeating some mistakes. One thing I learned about computers, mobile devices and all those “Internet Ready” devices are; buy quality, take care of it, keep current virus protection enabled and service it regularly.

 I also have the good fortune to know Tim Grier, owner of CET, Computer Magician. When it comes to computer repair for Mooresville, Tim is always on my speed dial and I keep a stack of his business cards handy for my friends. Tim provides great service and at a very reasonable price, but what I like is he’s an honest man and will not waste your money on a PC not worth fixing. 

To me, technology seems to move at light speed, a pace I find way too fast. I can keep up to date with my personal devices and not have to purchase new items every year, by taking care of my equipment and calling on good professional people. 

Jack West

West Constructors

Jul 10

Military Construction Contractors & Summer Heat

With August upon us, the summer heat and humidity can quickly become an issue, especially performing commercial construction. Outdoor work is a necessity for most of us and being prepared for these summer conditions are important. Just like winter, we put on a coat before we leave the house, in the summer we must also prepare for the outside conditions.

Here are a few things I do and recommend to friends and family:

  • Hydrate – Water is critical for our bodies to cool itself, drink plenty of water.
  • Hat – If you must work in the sun, wear a hat to protect your head from sunburn.
  • Sunscreen – PF 40 is the minimum I use and if I’m vacationing on the beach or lake, I’ll up it to PF 50.
  • Plan & Prepare – If your work indoors, plan and prepare for your outdoor activity, schedule breaks and bring plenty of water. Don’t overdo it and know your limitations.

Stay Safe & Enjoy the Summer!

Jack West

West Constructors