Jul 10

Military Construction Contractors & Summer Heat

With August upon us, the summer heat and humidity can quickly become an issue, especially performing commercial construction. Outdoor work is a necessity for most of us and being prepared for these summer conditions are important. Just like winter, we put on a coat before we leave the house, in the summer we must also prepare for the outside conditions.

Here are a few things I do and recommend to friends and family:

  • Hydrate – Water is critical for our bodies to cool itself, drink plenty of water.
  • Hat – If you must work in the sun, wear a hat to protect your head from sunburn.
  • Sunscreen – PF 40 is the minimum I use and if I’m vacationing on the beach or lake, I’ll up it to PF 50.
  • Plan & Prepare – If your work indoors, plan and prepare for your outdoor activity, schedule breaks and bring plenty of water. Don’t overdo it and know your limitations.

Stay Safe & Enjoy the Summer!

Jack West

West Constructors

Jul 10

Commercial Construction and R&R

Commercial construction can be a stressful business. I always seem relaxed and under control, but at times I really am about to explode. Control and composure are important and I am able to utilize both through rest and relaxation.

When the jobsite seems to be a little more than I prefer to take home to my family, I think of the pleasant things in my life, like my family and vacations.

Vacations are a wonderful way to unwind and refocus on the job at hand. I recommend a minimum of 1 per year, and if you can squeeze in another long weekend get-away, that’s nice too.

My family is a huge source of satisfaction for me. My loving wife is beyond compare and her support is immeasurable. My children (young adults) are the joy and satisfaction in my life. Seeing them succeed brings me great joy.

Dallas (my Silky Terrier) brings me more pleasure than imaginable. This little fellow rides in my truck and provides companionship unbridled. I heard a joke on the radio: “Put your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car for an hour and see which one loves you when you open the lid”. I would never dream of putting either my wife or Dallas into the trunk of a car, but it is an example of the never ending compassion a good dog provides its owner. Dallas is a great “quick fix” stress relief for me after a long day. That little fellow can always makes me smile and be grateful!

Bring On Tomorrow!

Jack West

West Constructors

Jul 10

Commercial Construction: Risk Management

Government, Military and Commercial Construction is a riskful industry. It is imperative to manage risk and avoid expensive delays or injuries. Identifying the risk potential before it arises is the best method of risk management, “An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure”.

West Constructors have decades of experience in commercial construction and risk management. Our philosophy is to be safe and prepared. This, along with experience has kept our pitfalls and obstacles to a bare minimum over the past years.

On-Site risk can often be the easiest to identify and control, unfortunately off-site issues are much more difficult to control. Relying on others to complete their duties is a risk within itself, especially when they do not receive directions from our office. These off-site risks can be controlled by using dependable and frequent vendors and sub-contractors.

We have found that familiar faces usually produce familiar results. I diligently try to use the inspectors and tradesmen I have previously used with satisfaction. These individuals understand the high level of quality and respect we provide and expect. They are professionals and we treat them as such, this greatly reduces risk.

Risk is controllable to a certain degree, our experience shows familiarity and repetition works well.

Jack West


West Constructors