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Aug 10

Commercial Construction workers to boycott NY mosque

Some union commercial construction workers say they will refuse to help build an Islamic mosque and cultural centre planned for Lower Manhattan.

One a website for the building trades, a blog has started what is called the 9-11 Hard Hat Pledge, encouraging union and non-union tradesmen to refuse work at the site near Ground Zero. The mosque would be two blocks from Ground Zero.

The planned 13-story construction project has exploded into a national debate after President Barack Obama recently appeared to offer support for the project.

Some construction workers say, politics and personal feelings aside, jobs are hard to come by and some of them just can’t afford to turn down work.

The Building Trades Employers’ Association has not yet taken a formal position on the project or a potential boycott by union workers.

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Aug 10

Government Construction Projects and Technology

A government construction project and technology work hand in hand. Without the Lazer Devices, GPS, and of course the PC, we could not work competitively in today’s competitive industry.

 As technology continues to move at a rapid pace, we struggle to stay close to the next cool device available. The issue with new technology is cost and most of the time the “Next Best Thing” is quite pricey and out of our budget.

 I am fortunate enough to have learned my lesson early and smart enough to avoid repeating some mistakes. One thing I learned about computers, mobile devices and all those “Internet Ready” devices are; buy quality, take care of it, keep current virus protection enabled and service it regularly.

 I also have the good fortune to know Tim Grier, owner of CET, Computer Magician. When it comes to computer repair for Mooresville, Tim is always on my speed dial and I keep a stack of his business cards handy for my friends. Tim provides great service and at a very reasonable price, but what I like is he’s an honest man and will not waste your money on a PC not worth fixing. 

To me, technology seems to move at light speed, a pace I find way too fast. I can keep up to date with my personal devices and not have to purchase new items every year, by taking care of my equipment and calling on good professional people. 

Jack West

West Constructors

Jul 10

Commercial Construction and R&R

Commercial construction can be a stressful business. I always seem relaxed and under control, but at times I really am about to explode. Control and composure are important and I am able to utilize both through rest and relaxation.

When the jobsite seems to be a little more than I prefer to take home to my family, I think of the pleasant things in my life, like my family and vacations.

Vacations are a wonderful way to unwind and refocus on the job at hand. I recommend a minimum of 1 per year, and if you can squeeze in another long weekend get-away, that’s nice too.

My family is a huge source of satisfaction for me. My loving wife is beyond compare and her support is immeasurable. My children (young adults) are the joy and satisfaction in my life. Seeing them succeed brings me great joy.

Dallas (my Silky Terrier) brings me more pleasure than imaginable. This little fellow rides in my truck and provides companionship unbridled. I heard a joke on the radio: “Put your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car for an hour and see which one loves you when you open the lid”. I would never dream of putting either my wife or Dallas into the trunk of a car, but it is an example of the never ending compassion a good dog provides its owner. Dallas is a great “quick fix” stress relief for me after a long day. That little fellow can always makes me smile and be grateful!

Bring On Tomorrow!

Jack West

West Constructors